Why I Marched For Women

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January 21, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Why I Marched For Women

Richa Sharma’s visual dispatch from the Women’s March in Washington DC

On Saturday, 21st January, I marched along with thousands of men and women in Washington DC to show my support for the causes which I deeply care about that now stand compromised. In the wake of the Donald Trump presidency, the recent political discourse in the United States of America has legitimised misogyny, racism, discrimination. Issues like women’s reproductive rights, undocumented families, marriage equality and climate change are now most vulnerable. This march was our way of dissent. It was to put the PRO in the protest. It was to send across the message that we choose science based facts over twittering opinions.

While it was disappointing to realise that we have to take to the streets in the year 2017 to make a statement that women’s rights are human rights, that discrimination isn’t acceptable, marriage equality is a basic right and climate change is real and actually happening. It was heartening to note that so many people believed in these very things and chose to participate. The atmosphere was peaceful, cordial, supportive. People were quick to give space and accommodate each other, making it an interesting intersection of all the issues that impact not only women, but anyone who has been marginalised. It was a march of freedom, a march for a unified voice that said that we will beat this and we are in this together.


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