The Sbcltr Mixtape: Volume 9

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December 19, 2017
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December 28, 2017

The Sbcltr Mixtape: Volume 9

sbcltr recommends the new music you should be listening to

This year has been an interesting one for independent music—ample of music festivals, an online community radio, more venues and the coming together in the form of various collectives has only strengthened the industry. It has also brought with it experimental artists who are unafraid to push boundaries as they play around with existing genres. Our playlist is a reflection of this mood, filled with artists that pay homage to the old but also keeps an eye out for the new. Plug in and Tune out.

There is a raw potential to Srijit Bhowmick’s music that makes him stand out amongst the hordes of musicians who have released their music this year. Sensitive and heartfelt, his 3 track eponymous EP will have you marvelling at the unabashed vulnerability he brings to music.

Prabh Deep/ Class Sikh
You cannot make a list on new music without including this Delhi rapper. Prabh Deep has been making waves ever since he hit the indie scene via Azadi records. He raps in Punjabi and refuses to conform into any particular mould. His debut album Class Sikh is beautiful in its rhyme, punches and content. Simply a class-act you cannot ignore.

Spell/ Curtain Blue
Abhishek Bhatia and Monika Dogra aka Curtain Blue, have recently collaborated on a dreamy single, Spell. Check it out below.

Ditties/ Burudu
One of the most underrated albums around at the moment. The 12 track debut LP by Burudu has ample of highs and lows that take you through an unpredictable journey through sound. The album is layered with genres, making it a mesh of post-rock sounds that are experimental without being over the top.

Moonglasses/ Man.Goes Human
The Delhi 4-piece-band slowly seems to be coming of age in their latest project. The 3 track EP that they recently released is intense—the lyrics match the tempo and the music is undeniably their best to date.

The Rooftop at 2/ 4lienetic
Sugam Khetan aka 4lienetic is at it again. The Mumbai based producer’s latest EP is his strongest till date. Like its name suggests, The Rooftop at 2, is sweetly reflective and melancholic. Making it perfect for a night of nostalgic introspection.

Faith/ Foi
Guitarist Sanjay Kumar’s debut album brings together all of his influences (metal, punk, prog, shred) together. If you are crazy about guitaring, you can’t miss this. Listen to our favourite single from the album below.

The Indian Struggle/Darwin
Predominantly an underground rap artist and performing locally in Dubai and London, his songs were only always distributed locally until now. He has now started releasing music videos after teaming up with Netherlands based music producer Elz Bowe. His musical identity is to create new sounds/themes influenced by Indian elements and fuse them with true Rhythm and Poetry.











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