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June 4, 2017
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June 6, 2017


sbcltr recommends the new music you should be listening to

This month, we ease you slowly into the mix of things, starting with the harp to set the mood, progressing into dystopian experimental, dashing through good old metal and finally some upbeat dance, reggae and pop. Of-course techno is in the playlist too, you just have to listen. So get your headphones out and take your pick from the hottest music released this season.

Tune In. Tune Out.

Nush Lewis/Spilt Milk
Ever since she released her debut EP Fused in 2015, harpist/vocalist, Lewis has been pretty much keeping a low profile. While work is still in progress on her second EP, she has released a new single titled Spilt Milk, a melancholic pop song that is as melodious as it is emotional. Give it a listen below.

The Sine Painter/URL Utopia
Bengaluru based Jayanath Ramchandra has been experimental with his sound ever since he started making music three years ago. But he just raised the bar with his new EP, URL Utopias, which may forever alter the way music is released in India. Check out his website which features his entire album against some amazing visuals, making it an interactive experience. If that’s not your scene, here is his soundcloud page.

The Forbidden Ritual/Tearfrost
The debut album of this Dehradun band checks all the criteria of a great debut record. Tight music, the perfect balance of melodic licks and progressive elements, solid breakdowns, good solos, a dark ending and melodious vocals.

Cla+Mangka/Nura Pakhang
This is the result of a unique collaboration between Manipuri folk singer Mangka and the Portugese band Clã. The song was written and composed by Mangangsana, the artistic director of Laihui, a folk music ensemble in Imphal. Portugese producer David Valentim selected the track for Clã who added their own lyrics to blend to the song. The results of which are fantastic, considering the fact that Mangka and the band never ever met in person.

Bengaluru based Aniket Vidyadhar of the Blent fame is now K/D/A and has just released his 3 track EP. Backdrops is a refreshing take on house, we especially love the use of the piano. Just the right amount of groovy, it deserves a listen.

Swet Shop Boys/Sufi LA
We were just getting over Cashmere and the Swet Shop Boys are back again. Their new six track EP, Sufi LA is caustic, political and so much fun. You can buy it hereMeanwhile listen to their fresh singles below.

Bombay Bassment/ Okay Dance
This 5 track EP is the most energetic reggae that you will ever hear. There is something about this Mumbai based three piece act which is reminiscent of the 80s, but in a good way.

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