The Sbcltr Mixtape Volume 6

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April 30, 2017
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May 2, 2017

The Sbcltr Mixtape Volume 6

sbcltr recommends the cool new music you should be listening to right now

Oh the brutal Indian summers which make you feel like you are never going to step outdoors, only to have that illusion broken every evening as you search for the nearest beer stop. While you obsess about the weather and whine about the incoming heat wave, musicians from across India (thankfully) have been keeping themselves busy and let us just say that this has been a season of collaborations. Our summer playlist is all about these cool cats that have been dropping new albums and collabs you need to obsess about. Get Ready. Tune In. Tune Out.

No Hero with Xcpt and A La Moksh: Sharam Masala
Bangalore based composer and producer, No Hero aka Akhil Kodamanchili has teamed up with rappers A La Moksh aka Sameer Ul Haq and xcpt. aka Aishan Vali for a four track EP that is as experimental as it is fun. It reminds you of early Linkin Park, all guitars and dark hip-hop with some electronica thrown in.  And the best thing about it is that it is bi-lingual. Listen to their song wabi-sabi below.

Worms Cottage: To Each Their Own
Bengaluru based electronic artist, Worm’s cottage, explores more organic sounds in his new EP. Markedly different from the earlier beat driven productions. Check out the full EP here.

Grain+Komorebi: Dream
Grain aka Gaurav Raina of Midival Punditz and singer Komorebi aka Tarana Marwah have collaborated, the end result of which is a track with three different music styles.

Twist to Break Seal: Written On Bottles
The album is an amalgamation of experiences that the band has had over the  years. From heartache, to meeting new people, to even pink underwear! While the seven track album has its roots in 90s alt-rock, it steers away from it in the song, Rainmaker, which has a different vibe (read metal) than the rest of the album. In essence the music for this album is all about chilling out and letting go. Their music videos will be out soon. Meanwhile you can buy the songs here

Aerate Sound: Only for External
If their album launch is something to go by, these Begaluru boys are going to be huge. They’ve been into existence only for a year, but the audio-visual duo has already made an impact with their debut album, Only for External, released through their record label consolidate. In their own words, the album is an attempt to capture the sounds of the space they live in,employing  samples, abstract sonic patterns, field recordings and drum heavy instrumentation to weave a layered soundtrack of their daily lives. Listen to this album below.

Dossers Urge: Honest Rage
Three brothers from Shillong, David (guitars and vocals), Romeo (bass) and Gideon (drums) first got together in 2011 to make music. Their debut album Honest Rage is a rock lover’s dream,effortlessly flowing through various genres like psychedelic rock, math rock to garage rock, to give you 10 songs that are fresh.No doubt this is going to be the  most refreshing album of the summer.


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