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The Sbcltr Mixtape Volume 4

sbcltr recommends the indie music that should be on your playlist right now

It’s a great feeling when you realise that your country has been producing music that is at par with some of the biggest names out there globally. This edition of the sbcltr mixtape will take you into the world of indie-music, in an attempt to introduce you to artists such as Sky Harbor, who are on a UK tour currently, Ankur Tewari and his new video, which was originally recorded on an iPhone and Ennui Dot Bomb’s latest compilation of Stupidities, to name a few. So plug in and tune out.

Worms Cottage – Standing Feathers
First up on our list is a Bengaluru producer Rishab Iyer, commonly known as Worms Cottage. A year after he released his full-length debut LP Tourguide Impostor, Worms Cottage hit the studio with Bengaluru-based label Consolidate. Led by electronica producer Rahul Giri aka _RHL from downtempo/trip-hop duo Sulk Station. His second album, On Standing Feathers is a walk down down-tempo spaces that surprises you with hip-hop twists and turns along the way. Our favourite tracks are the dark, Intransient Love and To Gushaini. Give the album a listen.

ennui.Bomb –Stupidities 10: Once a Dick
The man behind ennui. BOMB, Rishu Singh, has always been a punk rocker, all-inclusive with his set DIY ethics and every year, he releases a compilation called Stupidities. It’s 10th version, Once A Dick, features 17 of the India’s coolest non-metal artists. From the like of Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator, to the soulful Tanya Nambiar, to punk rockers Vinyl Records. Keep watching ennui. Bomb’s facebook page for the full album release on November 1. Meanwhile, check out the Vinyl Records track-Authority 10 which is featured on the album.

Ankur Tewari – Aa Jao
Earlier this month Ankur Tewari released the official video for Aa Jao, which has Warren Mendonsa,  better known as the axe-man for Zero and Blackstrat Blues on slide guitars. Produced by Grain, this video is a far cry from the original video that was partially shot on an iPhone in 2011. We miss the rawness of nostalgia, but this spoofed version has its charms.

Sky Harbor- Chemical Hands
Progressive rockers, Sky Harbor are at it again, this time with their brand new single Chemical Hands. The track also features new frontman Eric Emery, who replaced Daniel Tompkins who left the band last year. Guitarist and producer Keshav Dhar mixed the track. Check out the official video here.

Bass Foundry – Hell Waste
The duo of Bass Foundry (Shivam Ghai and Karma Selecta) – fresh off their debut single – Hell Waste are here to stay. Their song, a must listen for bass heads with his heavy set of organised chaos, it is guaranteed to give you a high.

Aqua Dominatrix – Overthrowing Magnus
Scribe guitarist, Akshay Rajpurohit’s alter ego—Aqua Dominatrix, has been dishing out some disco-synth pop for some time now. So it comes as no surprise that his new album, Overthrowing Magnus, is a dark-disco walk through time. Our favourite track is Danza Massacro. Listen to the full album here:

INALAB – Bonzo
Parikrama basist, Gaurav Balani, has been around for so long, it’s hard to realize he is just about 30. Under his side project INALAB, he continously collaborates with various artists. His latest track, Bonzo, is a collaboration with Julie Hill, a musician from the USA. Bonzo he says, “is a song that is about violence in society in general and how that is a downward spiral that doesn’t lead to anything ‘nice’.” Well, the video is worth a look as it features some pretty cool artwork by California-based abstract artist, Heidi von Mulldorfer-ylesew.

For more music, check out our soundcloud page here
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