The Sbcltr Mixtape: Volume 13

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The Sbcltr Mixtape: Volume 13

sbcltr recommends the new music you should be listening to right now

The November playlist is a bit moody just like the month itself. From old world clean music to an 80s throwback, to a futuristic trip and back into folksy blues, we’ve got it all. Check it out below.

Tune In. Tune Out.

Alisha Batth: Prologue
In her debut EP, Batth brings old world nostalgia right back into focus. Clean vocals against the classic background of guitar and drums make the 6 track Prologue a must listen especially if you are sucker for a larger than life voice.

Ezzyland: Bubblegum Pizza
Out of his recent9 track EP—The Peachdisk,. While the whole 9 track LP—The Peachdisk is an eccentric mix of sounds (read melodies-meet -meet-hiphop-meet-electronica with the occasional beat here and there) the song that stands out is Bubblegum Pizza, a song as quirky as its name suggests. Ezzyland’s music is not for everybody but regardless, it’s always worth a listen.

Monssoonsiren: White Hotel
Australian producer Nicolas Sávva teams up with Bengaluru based producer-singer, Monsoonsiren aka Nathan Menon on this coke-bluesy number. There is a certain sense of melancholy to this eclectic mix that fits right into the season.

Droolfox: Descent
If you love the ‘80s, this one is for you. ‘nuff said.

Second Sight The Violet Hour
The 4 track EP by the Mumbai based R&B/folk duo Second Sight is moody, soulful and vulnerable without being over the top or cheesy. The instruments (flute, guitar and strings) blend perfectly into the duets of their vocal harmonies. Perfect for those who are trying to get over something/someone.

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