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March 31, 2016
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April 10, 2016

The Sbcltr Mixtape: Volume 02

sbcltr recommends the best of music out this month

In the last month we discovered many things, one of them being the acoustic magic of Miley Cyrus. Yes, you read that right. Despite our bravest measures to despise and scoff, we came to grudgingly accept the goodness of her acoustic sets. But then she went on and joined The Voice as a judge and we realised that all this, had just been a passing phase. We then zoomed in our music radar on some new songs that have been sprucing our playlist all month long. Good punk, progressive rock, jazzy swing and even some blues, it’s all in here, the music you should be listening to right now. Check it out. Groove on.

Bleached—Welcome the Worms
The Clavin sisters and bassist Micayla Grace come together for the second time in this album which reeks of their experiences—eviction notices, relationships gone sour, clubs, cars, unknown men. But unlike their previous album Ride Your Heart (2013) which was all about relationships gone bust, this one is remarkably celebratory in its self-reflection. The result of which is an album that borderlines on the thought of glory on the other side of negativity. It is all but a happy album yet it makes for a good weekend trip. Our personal favourite however is Wednesday Night Melody for its strong bass line.


Pinkwash—Burning Too
Traces of stoner rock, math rock, pop rock, progressive, sometimes dronish power chords that meditate between two paradoxes, what is Pinkwash, we can’t really say except that it is a sum of all these things. And to quote Mr. Manson “the new shit”. However, all said and done they do remind you of an early, more brutal Fugazi. Their debut album, Collective Sigh is nothing short of a catharsis. Listen to their first single of the album, the heaving, two-minute Burning Too that has some magnificent drumming and keyboards.


The Last Shadow Puppets—Everything You’ve Come To Expect
Nostalgia is the word that comes to mind with the last four singles of the upcoming album of The Last Shadow Puppets. The duo comprises of Arctic Monkeys’ front-man Alex Turner and his friend Miles Kane. It’s been 8 long years since they released their last album The Age of the Understatement, (2008) and their musical progression shows. If the last album was all about mad riffs, this album is all about 70s soul enthused with progressive rock. It is an experimental album and the more you listen to it, the better it sounds. Check out their title track.


Cornershop—Hold The Corner
Tjinder Singh has always been synonymous with collaborating with various artists and Cornershop has seen the likes of Oasis opening for them. They have churned out hits like Brimful of Asha, Wop the Groove and The Candyman to name a few. They are just on the verge of releasing their new EP Hold your Corner which features swing artist Mike Flowers on vocals. This is a three track EP—consisting of old tracks redone. Truly legendary.


Misty Miller – Girlfriend
Ever since Misty Miller erupted on the scene with her sugar coated, ukulele strummed track Remember, people have been comparing her to Lana Del Ray. She finally puts the comparison to rest in her new album The Whole Family is Worried where she goes all out, old-school punk on the world. Girlfriend is the first single from this album and the first song she wrote for it, she credits it for giving her a sense of direction.


Pet Shop Boys—The Pop Kids
Thirteen albums down and pop giants Pet Shop Boys are still dishing out their variety of pop music that never gets old. The most successful UK pop duo released their album Super recently but it is their first single from this album that truly stands out. Titled The Pop Kids, this is a track which is an amalgamation of synth driven pop grooves with a very heavy and dubby base. We love it.


Ms. Ippi – Your Love
Ipshita Roy aka Ms. Ippi, front-woman of Delhi blues-rockers Big Bang is working on her solo EP and has released a single Your Love leading up to that big moment. While her solo project features Rohit Gupta on the keyboard and Sachin Kumar Rohilla on the violin, the real star of the collaboration is Ipshita herself, who stuns with her harmony and vintage vocals.

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