The Sbcltr Mixtape of New Music Volume 5

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February 28, 2017
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March 2, 2017

The Sbcltr Mixtape of New Music Volume 5

sbcltr recommends the Indie music you should be listening to right now

The first two months of music in India have seen a bit of an old-new mix. While there have been familiar rock/metal sounds that have made a re-entry, there have also been fresh electro-acoustic, world music, synth-pop, disco-funk and melodies doing the round.  Our first playlist of 2017 is the result of this unique blend. We recommend you give it a listen and keep in mind, this is just a precursor to more good things to come. So plug in and Tune Out.

BLEK: Break the Beat
They have been keeping a low profile since their last album, Hexes+Drama and Other Reasons for Evacuation in 2012. After a four year hiatus, in which they pursued music, their new four track Alt Rock EP features strong vocals backed by solid grooves and spirited guitaring. Listen to Break the Beat below, but we recommend you give the whole EP a try.


Switcheroo: King of The Castle 
Bangalore based Switcheroo has been quite popular in the college rock scene and they’d decided to capitalise on that by releasing a new single called, King of the Castle—a typical testosterone fuelled metal rock track that revolves around a card game gone wrong.


Vishal J Singh: Jamunar Nila Joley
Amogh Symphony gets together with some seriously talented artists like Andrey Sazano, vocalist Siddharth Basrur, Ajay Jayanthi and his own mother, Kasturi Nath Singh to compose the Assamese song. The collaboration leans towards world-music and is beautifully haunting and a must listen to for the sheer bliss it evokes.


Banant Kaur Bagga: Moon
Mumbai based Banant Kaur Bagga has been giving twists to Punjabi folk music, but her English debut single, Moon, is an emotional, existential melody that sees her exploring new avenues. Although bits of the song (vocals) are reminiscent of her classical sufi roots, the song is a modern pop melody.


Vishnu Kumar: Sitting In the Same Place
The guitarist of the band May Island, launched his solo EP, Sitting In the Same Place and it took us by complete surprise. The EP is influenced by pop-punk vocals and layered with pop/folk, the result of which are four tracks that are all different, yet blend seamlessly together because of the vocals. Our favourite is the happy title track, Sitting in the Same Place, but we’d definitely recommend giving the whole album a listen.


White Mug: Backward Track
The song might be old, the video is not. The Bengaluru based alternative rock band, White Mug, have given a new lease to their 2015 song, Backward Track, by giving it a hip new psychedelic music video that is so sealing their comeback.


Demonic Resurrection: Matsya, the Fish
This one is a treat for old-timer metal fans who gave up on DR years ago. Gearing up for their fifth album release, Dashavatar, in March, (each track of the album will draw from the Hindu mythology), the band has released a new track for feelers called, Matsya: The Fish, which is totally on trend with the current times, as it amalgamates classical music with metal.


Meattle and Malik: Boring I Love You
The electro acoustic duo Meattle and Malik are back after what seems like forever. Their new single, Boring I Love You, has mellow vocals infused against the backdrop of a gentle melody. The bonus is the video of the song, which has members of the Noida Deaf Society interpreting the music through sign language, which gives it a very warm, fuzzy feel and makes it the perfect romantic song.


Clown With A Frown: Relax
They released their debut album, Love Intoxication, in November last year, but they’re back with another feel good number. Relax, is all about good vibes and beating the blues. The music is the perfect blend  of happy and groovy that makes you forget everything and focus on the moment.





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