The Love Project

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October 18, 2016
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October 20, 2016

The Love Project

Alice Sharma on one woman’s quest to find analog love in a digital world

When the world is busy finding love on digital platforms like tinder and OKcupid, a woman has set out to find it through street art. An anonymous woman known simply as the mystery bachelorette partnered with graphic designer Mathew Wyne to draw a 52 foot painting on the sidewalk of San Francisco. The painting describes what she is looking for in a boyfriend and it also includes her phone number. She is looking for “someone to slow down with”, “someone to cuddle and rant with”. In a short film Mathew is asking the passer-bys about the project. He asks people what they are looking for, to which people replied, ‘love’, ‘happiness’. The public art project makes people wonder on what they want and what should they do to find it.

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