The King of Downtempo: Kumail Hamid

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The King of Downtempo: Kumail Hamid

sbcltr spoke to the Mumbai based producer on his new experimental EP, From You to Blue

Tell us little about your new EP, what does it means to you and how it is different from your earlier work.
I’ve worked hard for this, so it means quite a bit to me. It’s more mature. It has direction and it feels complete. Everything works together. I’ve found that difficult to achieve with my previous releases.

Your music has a beautiful minimal groovy sound which is very different and we would say mature from most of the work that producers of your age are producing these days. How the journey as a music producer has been so far?
It’s been great. It’s been very challenging off late. I have a lot of people supporting me and driving me to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s tough, but it pays off. 

Tell us little about the sounds that you have used in the EP. It has a very soothing, natural and atmospheric vibe to it. How did you choose the sounds.
I just selected them as I was creating the music. I always use these kinds of sounds, it’s my thing. It’s a process of elimination. I throw out at least 60 per cent of the samples I initially start with.

You don’t seems to enjoy adding vocals in your tracks much, but are these vocals your own.  How do you choose whether you need to add vocals, tell us little bit about your song writing process as well
Yes they are. I add vocals when I write something or I just make sounds to fill in spaces. I don’t really have a fixed process. It’s always different.

What drives you?
The thought of being the best.

Are you into spirituality?

Some artists that inspires you?
JonWayne, Shigeto, King Krule.

Artists you want to collaborate with
Earl Sweatshirt, Jameszoo.

Do you enjoy playing live DJ sets or producing music at your studio more?
I love both but I’d pick producing.

Any upcoming gigs or tour where your fans can catch you live? Yes, I’m touring the new album in a couple of cities. The dates should be out soon!

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