The Chester Bennington Playlist

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The Chester Bennington Playlist

sbcltr lists down some of Bennington’s favourite songs

When news broke out that Chester Bennington killed himself, it sent shock-waves across the world. It also highlighted the fact that success was no guarantee for mental health. 41-year-old Bennington had a remarkable career as the voice of the nu-metal band Linkin Park, and was considered by many as the voice of the genre. Ever since the release of their first album, Hybrid Theory (2000), Bennington’s vocals and Mike Shinoda’s rapping stole the show, their album went on to sell 20 million copies worldwide. Their single In the End, became a breakout success that guaranteed a safe future for the band. In 2005, they won the Grammy for best rap/sung collaboration for their song Numb/Encore with Jay Z.

Like Chris Cornell, who died earlier this year, Bennington was vocal about music being a cathartic experience for him. Like Cornell, he also spoke freely of his drug abuse and emotional trauma while growing up. In fact when Cornell died in May, Bennington wrote him a letter. Bennington was found dead at his California home on what would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.  Hours after his death, Linkin Park released a song, Talking to Myself from their forthcoming album One More Light that deals with mental health issues. The band has also launched a suicide prevention website following the tragic demise of their band-mate.

While we still come to terms with his loss, here is a list of Bennington’s favourite songs. The one exception on the list is the new song by the band released in his honour. Give it a listen.

Favourite Sad Song
“It’s got to be a Radiohead song. You can pick any track and you know you’re in for some sorrow. Karma Police is a very sad song despite the fact I’m always excited to hear it. Yet there’s something incredibly sad about Faust Arp on the In Rainbows album. You have to admire Radiohead – they always take risks, are incredibly smart and they’ve found a way to take jazz and make it even more interesting. They don’t play by anyone else’s rules, I like that.”

Favourite Movie Soundtrack
Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots from the soundtrack of The Crow is definitely up there. It was a great movie, and that song really fit into its vibe, contributing to the emotional impact, made even better because it was from a band who, at that time, were really up-and-coming. Of course the death of lead actor Brandon Lee during production helped grant it cult status, but regardless, I think The Crowwould have still achieved this feat if the tragedy hadn’t have occurred.”

Favourite Club Anthem
“There’s no deliberation here: 50 Cent – In Da Club. What a great fucking song. I’d like to cover it at some point, I’m sure. Great beat, it never gets old – and that’s the key. I was talking with a buddy of mine about TV shows the other day, and we touched on how Seinfeld looks so old that it’s now just ‘okay’, whereas Friends is even fucking better now! Music and TV shows alike, a true sign of greatness is that it gets old, and every time you hear it you want to turn it up. This is no exception.”

Favourite Wedding Song
“My favourite wedding song is the song I wrote for my wife ahead of our wedding. It’s called Give Me Your Name and I wrote it for one of my other projects/bands, the Dead By Sunrise record I penned. We danced to it on the big day and I have such fond memories of it that I wouldn’t pick any other song in the world for this.”

Favourite Obscure Song
“While I wouldn’t claim that no one else has heard of it, I definitely feel comfortable in saying that this is not the usual track most people would instantly think of when someone mentions them. It’s Limo Wreck by Soundgarden. What I like about it best is that it’s fucking awesome! But seriously, it’s on one of the best rock records of all-time, Superunknown, and another it also has a fucking killer vocal. In fact, it’s the sort of classic track that makes you want to write a song.”

Favourite Childhood Song
“I always remember seeing The Jackson 5 cartoons as a kid, and ABC, that song was the one I’ll associate them with. To grow up with those cartoons and then see Michael Jackson flourish as a star in his own right was pretty cool. So yeah, this one all the way.”

Favourite Lyrics
You’re nobody until somebody loves you. That title says it all.”

Favourite Song From Your Own Music
“I’ve always loved Papercut, as that song captures exactly what our band is about. But, on a personal level, I’ll say Breaking The Habit, just because it’s the only song where I’ve actually had to pull my shit together to record it – the lyrics hit me on such a deep level. And I didn’t even write the lyrics, Mike [Shinoda] did, but it felt like he was singing my life, so it made it very difficult for me to perform that song in the studio.”//

Linkin Park’s Tribute to Bennington
The song which was released after the vocalist’s death talks about loneliness and feelings of alienation. It is aimed to encourage people to share their experiences and seek help.

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