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Stellar Frequencies

Mixed media artist, Daniel Sun, opens his show Stellar Frequencies in Goa this week, sbcltr gives you a preview of what to expect

Twenty-eight-year-old, Daniel Sun aka Danny Darkoski, is a mixed media artist, illustrator, producer and light painting photographer from Los Angeles, California, with a passion for creation. It is a passion that extends to different mediums of self-expression and has lead him to Goa, where he joined the Vaayu Vision Collective Art Residency for one year, to work on several different collections such as—mixed media, large scale canvas paintings, light painting photography, a collection of new original music and a live stage experience.

The series which is called Stellar Frequencies, is built on the idea of exploration and flow of creative energies. Sun says that, “These are my conversations with the stars. Stories told in modern hieroglyphics—unexplored, ancient in their movements, and simultaneous of the future. The intent of the artwork is not to dictate how you feel, rather it asks you how you feel in its presence. They are meant to energize the space as a whole and speak to each observer individually.”

Browse through his work at leisure, although sblctr recommends experiencing the live show, as it is bound to overwhelm you with its lights, sounds and visuals.

The exhibition opens this Sunday at Vaayu Vision Collective Art, 6 PM onwards. Entry is free for the public.
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