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April 5, 2018
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sbcltr recommends the music you should be listening to right now

The last month has been an uncharacteristically fruitful time for new releases, as they often say, spring perhaps does bring out the best in people. From hip-hop, to new chill wave, to experimental, alt rock and even a bit of alt disco. This month, we have artists from across genres and across India, giving you music that is as diverse as it is culturally relevant right now.  Give it a listen.

Tune In. Tune Out

Sonder, Aimsir
Over the last one year, this Pune based producer has been composing music that has already amassed him a great deal of popularity and critical acclaim. The end of 2017 saw him closing the year with his and in February he was back with a brand new four track EP titled Time Is All We Have. He’s followed that up with a brand new single, Sonder, the track draws from the realisation that each person lives a life as complex as your own. It is also accompanied by visual graphics which represent each sound in the track as radial sound-waves. Check it out below.

This Home, That Home, Takar Nabam
The singer-songwriter from Arunachal who is based in New Delhi, recently released his new album which is an introspective take on life. The album is groovy alt rock with solid guitaring. The biggest takeaway from this seven track endeavour is the last song, Receding, which stands out for its smooth musical transition halfway through. Give it a listen.

Those Who Wander, Parallel Highway
Arjun Venugopal aka Ōri and Amal Ramesh aka Liquid Memoirs came together to release an ultra-chill EP last month. Then Kerala based duos collaboration seems to be working to their strengths, with a tight production, intricate samples and perfect synth, this is an album that definitely deserves a back to back listen.

[soundcloud_ultimate track=”]Lalnawath, Alif
The Pune based band’s new track is everything that we have come to expect from the band—a perfect blend of music, emotions, masterful lyricism and story-telling.
Happy Sad, The Derelicts
The alternative disco band recently released it debut single Happy Sad. The Kochi based band was formed in 2016 and has Ashwin Nath (vocals, guitar), Sreekanth Bassi (bass), Sabarish Menon (guitar), and Biju Karthik (drums) as members. The almost four and a half minute track is super groovy with a catchy chorus. If you need an anthem for the month, let this be it.

Essentia, Strike Three
The Mumbai based band recently released it four track EP, Essentia, that has them experimenting with different genres in each song. Solid guitaring and strong solos make this album stand out. Also the fact that it’s a bit old school. Listen to our favourite from the lot below.

One Side, DIVINE
Finally we have an angst ridden rap artist who is a poster boy for what hip-hop is all about. His new single has him rapping about everything, from losing his heart to music being his saviour, to AIB, King Kong and even Madhuri Dixit.




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