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Ramazan in India

Suraaj Ajithakumar documents the paradox of abstinence and revelry during the month long period of fasting

Every year in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims across the world celebrate Ramazan. This is a period of fasting in which they cannot eat or drink anything, including water after sunrise. While abstinence is key to this month, there is a lot more that goes on as Ramazan involves the whole family and brings the community together through prayer recitals, invocations, charity and the most important of all—food.


Daitoon or Miswak. These wooden sticks were traditionally used to clean teeth across India. Toothpastes are not allowed during fast times because of chemical contents . People then use miswak for oral hygiene.



Tasbi is the Islamic version of rosary. Ramazan is considered to be a month of prayers and remembering God. Muslims use tasbi for praying while they fast.



People wash themselves before entering Jama Masjid, New Delhi. This ritual is called Vazu.



No Roza is complete without Roohafza or Khas as it’s both sweet and refreshing.



Muslim women praying after iftaar at Jama Masjid



A group of young boys waiting to break their fast, (iftaar) at Jama Masjid. Muslim families who live around Jama Masjid prefer to come to the mosque to break their fast.



A beggar woman asks for alms



Families break their fast as sirens rings out to announce the commencement of iftaar time



Like most religious places in India, one must remove their shoes before entering a mosque



A kebab seller prepares for business



A young Muslim boy documents his after iftaar moment at Jama Masjid


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