Postcards from Peshawar, Pakistan

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Postcards from Peshawar, Pakistan

Mithila Mehta, in collaboration with, Humans of Peshawar, gives you a rarefied glimpse into the everyday life of Pakistanis

So close, yet so mysterious.

There is so much more to the country than what we see in the news. The shared history and culture aside, an average person in India has little idea of everyday life in Pakistan (beyond cricket, of course).

Mithila Mehta of Miss-wanderlust, lead by her curiosity about the neighbours, came up with a collaborative project that would help people glimpse into the lives of Pakistanis. After getting in touch with Humans of Peshawar, a page dedicated to the portraits of people in Pakistan, Mehta brought together a series that was a reflection of the very essence of the vivid and vibrant country.

With the help of Humans of Peshawar, her aim was to bring life to the people of the place, their dreams and aspirations. Moments from everyday life that reflected the colour and chaos of living on this subcontinent. And above all, a glimpse into a Pakistan you probably never knew of.

“I have twin nephews, one of them wants to join the Pakistan Army while the other one doesn’t like the Army, they end up fighting each other all the time over this matter but still if one gets hurt the other one cries too.”


Men sipping on the traditional green tea near Charsadda Road, Peshawar


These children were trying to clean up the street.


“Why are you taking my photograph? It’s not my wedding!”


“I am just an ordinary person, why do you want my photograph?”


“We carry groceries for people in these carts in the Sunday market. We don’t charge them much but some people are very generous. This one here is good at making sad faces, which earns him good tips.”


Waiting, she covered her face as the world bustled past around her.


“I was a bright student but the terrorists bombed my school. I used to help my grandfather with our family business as well and now I have to listen to these people yelling at me.”
“What do you like doing?” “I want to buy a camera and take photographs, I walk 3kms everyday to learn Photoshop”


“I used to run a small shop at my village but it wasn’t enough so now I’m a rickshaw driver”


“What do you wanna be when you grow up?” “Shahid Afridi”


“Its not a gun, I just found this in the trash.”


“The man I was talking to, just spent 2 years in London. Instead of getting influenced by the life style of those people, he maintained his simplicity. We, on other hand, try to copy from the West – their culture, their way of living and forget who we really are.”


“Take my picture when I am riding my Vespa.”


“Back in our days we used to think so many times before taking a single photo.”
“Can I take your photograph?” “Sure, but here have a cup of tea first.”

Mithila Mehta is a travel and lifestyle blogger from Bombay, Get in touch with her.


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