Netflix Buys Millarworld Publishers To Bring Superheroes To Life

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August 4, 2017
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Netflix Buys Millarworld Publishers To Bring Superheroes To Life

The move is in a bid to get new customers hooked into their ever expanding video gallery, writes Neha Pant

The 20-year-old video streaming website which is known for its aggressive foray into the world of its own original series and films just made its first acquisition—Millaworld publishers. Which means that Netflix now has renowned comic book writer, Mark Miller on board. It also means that there are several character franchises that we will now see as Netflix original TV shows and movies.

The Kick-Ass franchise is not a part of the Netflix acquisition

But no need to get very excited as yet because Millarworld’s stars, Kick-Ass and Kingsman are not a part of the deal. This move is similar to Walt Disney Co. buying Marvel Studios in 2009 to churn out movies and TV shows. The move can be attributed to the rising popularity of the superhero and comic-book franchise. According to reports, coming book adaptations draw large audiences on the streaming service.

Mark Miller has been called the modern day Stan Lee

Netflx’s chief-content officers, Ted Sarandos, said in a statement that “Mark is as close as you can get to the modern day Stan Lee.” (Stan Lee is the creator of Spiderman, Avengers and X Men. Miller spent eight years at Marvel and is the brain behind movies such as Logan and Captain America: Civil War. Watch out geek world, more superheroes are coming.

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