Love Story of A Gaurakshak

Where The Flowers Still Grow
May 16, 2017
S.Chandramohan’s Poems Of Dalit Resistance
May 18, 2017

Love Story of A Gaurakshak

Hear Ankit Chadha tell a story about what it really means to be a Gaurakshak

During his fellowship at the Sabramati Ashram, the word Gau-Raksha (Cow Protection) popped up as part of research. As Chadha, who is an avid story-teller and one of the youngest icons of Dastangoi (the Urdu art form of oral storytelling), read Pyarelal’s accounts of the last phase of Gandhi’s life, he thought it would be valuable to share a story that best summed up Gandhi’s views on cow vigilantism. Watch and learn.

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