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June 2, 2017
June 6, 2017

Losing Identity On Delhi Streets

Pushkar Raj Sharma’s disarming street photographs of losing identity in midst of every day life

Thirty-four-year-old, Pushkar Raj Sharma, is a Delhi based IT professional who moonlights as a street photographer. “I shoot for personal gain and to unwind. There is a satisfaction that comes from within after I spend days on the street, hoping to see a moment no one else has, trying to capture the right aesthetics to create a meaningful photograph.” He can often be found roaming the streets, looking for moments that illustrate life in India, “its richness, its frustrations and most of all, the spirit of its people,” he says.

Sharma was introduced to street photography by accident when he bought a book called Street Photography Now. In 2014, he took a workshop in Mumbai with Maciej Dakowicz, who was also a part of that book and inspiration struck. Inspired by the work and style of Harry Gruyaert and Alex Webb, Sharma believes that a body of work is much more powerful than a single strong street photograph.

Over the course of one year, he worked on the project Losing Identity that captures people in the random moments where their identity is masked or hidden. The pictures are chaotic, sensitive and sometimes funny, bringing to life the busy streets of central Delhi.  In today’s digital world, access to camera has become relatively easy, so everyone with a camera is a photographer but on the other hand as our uniqueness become more and more eroded, this easy access has put us at risk of losing our individuality.


For more of Sharma's work. Click here or follow him on instagram
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