Drugs, Violence and Censorship: Punjab

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June 4, 2016
Band Pick—Hoirong
June 13, 2016

Drugs, Violence and Censorship: Punjab

As the Udta Punjab censorship controversy continues to boil sbcltr recommends GLUT, a documentary that gives you a glimpse into exactly how severe is the drug problem in Punjab.

The Bombay High Court has finally asked the censor board what is it about the movie Udta Punjab that has them so worried? Besides pressurising the filmmakers to remove the state’s name from the movie, the Central Board of film certification (CBFC) had asked for 89 cuts in the film and a statement declaring it a work of fiction. They also thought it necessary for filmmakers to add praises for the Punjab government and Punjab Police in a disclaimer in the movie, delete drug injection scenes and words such as ‘MP’ ‘party worker’ ‘election’ ‘MLA’ ‘Parliament’ ‘Punjab’.

Why is it that only Punjab’s image matters? Perhaps it is because the state goes to polls next year and the reality of Punjab right now is far from the myth of prosperity and development that political parties perpetuate. While the SAD government has denied any politics behind the censorship in Udta Punjab, it has alone done little to genuinely address the glaring drug problem in the state, the subject on which the movie is based. The CBFC would have us all, including the High Court believe that it is trying to protect the image of Punjab but the High Court would not have any of it and said the board’s responsibility was to give certification not censorship. But how bad is the drug problem in Punjab really? Watch the documentary below and decide, like the Bombay High Court stated, “the public is the biggest censor.”




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