Charles Bukowski in Animation

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December 1, 2016
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December 1, 2016

Charles Bukowski in Animation

sbcltr recommends three poems and their animated interpretations

Charles Bukowski’s words resonate with many who live dissolute lifestyles today or the one’s that inspire to live that glorified existence. Sometimes, they also inspire people to create more art. The internet is a minefield of work that takes inspiration from the author. The best amongst these, are the animations of his poems. Sbcltr gives you three such poems that will brighten your day.

The Man With The Beautiful Eyes

In this Jonathan Hodgson adaptation, the poem is brightened by the vivid imagery of the animator to draw memories of a mysterious, wild young man in a run-down house whose very existence reminded the author “that nobody wanted anybody to be strong and beautiful like that, that others would never allow it.

The Bluebird

Monika Umba brings the poem to life without any words and cleverly depicts the poets bluebird in his heart that wants to get out. But the poet restricts the bluebird’s escape with whiskey, cigarettes and the unfair deal of letting him roam “at night sometimes, when everybody’s asleep.”

The Laughing Heart

Tom Waits delivers a poignant reading of one of Bukowski’s most passionate pieces in this dark interpretation by Bradley Bell .

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