The Beatles, Sgt Peppers In Covers

June 6, 2017
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June 7, 2017

The Beatles, Sgt Peppers In Covers

This sbcltr list brings its own essence to the legendary music

Beatles are unarguably one of the most covered acts of all time and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the most covered album. From Joe Cocker to the Bee Gee’s, to Elton John, Smash Mouth and even Glee, everybody has tried to give their tribute to the iconic band and its masterpiece. While not all tributes are noteworthy but there are some that stand out. Here is the sbcltr list of essential covers, they might not be better than the original but they are individualistic nevertheless. Maybe that’s the best thing good art does, it has the ability to not only transcend time but also lets you reclaim it as your own.

Tatran: Strawberry Fields Forever

Jim Sturgess+Joe Anderson: With A Little Help from My Friends

Milos Karadaglic + Anoushka Shankar: Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds  

 Jeff Beck: A Day In the Life

Bubble: Within You Without You


Electric Würms – Fixing A Hole

Roupa Nova – She’s Leaving Home

Easy Star All-Stars – Lovely Rita

Jimi Hendrix- Sgt Peppers 















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