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July 18, 2017
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Band Pick: Zephyrtone

sbcltr caught up with the Songdew artists teen house music producers Zephyr and Sayan

Their new song, Only You has been viewed 2.7 million times since it was released this month. In a world dominated by technology, these numbers for a Indie Indian musicians are unprecedented. Especially for a project that is relatively young and started in 2015.  One EP (Shooting Stars, 2016) and a hugely popular new song later,  they are being touted as Indian electronics freshest and youngest duo.

sbcltr caught up with the band to discuss their monumental success and what it means for them as musicians.

Tell us a bit about yourself
Well,we share similar musical ideas so we feel we were destined to make music together. We are childhood friends. But we formed the duo in 2015. We both come from a musical background.
(Zephyr)- I have passed my western classical music/vocals  from Trinity college with distinction. I’ve always wanted to be a pop star ever since I was,I guess 4.
(Sayan)- I’ve done my four year course in Indian classical music.

Initially, we were not confident about our music and were shy to share it on social media. But it all comes with practice….you get better. So we kept practicing and now we are confident enough to play our original tracks at music festivals. When it comes to music, the only thing we have in our minds is to make music for the public,the commoners, for the world and break all genres of music. We don’t think of making music for a particular group of people or a small community who follows a specific genre.

How has your musical journey been so far ?
Our journey is an interesting one. We played in empty clubs with no pay at all! But now things have completely changed in such a short span of time. Now we have our fans who wait for us for hours and travel long distances just to watch us perform. This is true bliss!
When we started off as music producers we practised by making cover remakes, but now it’s only original tracks that we release . So 2015 was all about cover remakes that we produced and 2016 onwards it was all about our original tracks. We released 2 singles, You and I,  Let me go  and a four track EP titled Shooting Stars in 2016. In 2017 we recently released our single, Only You, which is doing really well.
We live in a time where it’s all about singles, so we are working on our upcoming singles(lots of new music coming your way from us, so stay tuned!) Consistency in music making as musicians is what we believe in. So every time we release a track our fans want to hear more from us. Every time we hit a level up, we feel we are promoter to a greater responsibility to serve through our music.

Who are the musicians that inspire you?
The musicians that inspire us, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Avicii, Zedd, Jonas Blue, Alesso, Krewella. We grew up listening to a lot of pop, hip hop, RnB, alternative rock music.It was a mixture. But at the moment we really don’t listen to so much music because we don’t want a conflict with the music inside our heads.

What about your new song? What was the inspiration behind it? Any memorable moments from recording it?
Only You, just happened out of creative fun. It was such a nice process. That’s how we love working.Sayan has great sounds that I can easily connect with. When I write the lyrics for ‘only you’ and the melody fit in and hit the spot, we were like ahh.. now people can relate to it with their personal al lives and dedicate it to their loved ones.Thats what we wanted from our song and that’s what actually happened! People are embracing our song and we are extremely overwhelmed to receive all the positive response. Thank you to all our fans. 

Just being 2 years old, how does it feel, performing at some of the biggest music festivals of India, including supersonics, Mood indigo, Sunburn etc. Any specific gig that is really special to you?
It feels great performing at the biggest music festivals and college festivals across the country in such a short time! We get to live our dreams when we get to perform in front of huge crowds. Our prosperity credit goes to God and of course our hardworking management team(WMS) and our super loving fans!
When we perform we just let go, we don’t care about how we look on stage and we do not calculate too much. For us it’s all about the energy and passing back the energy to the crowd. It’s all about being here and now with our audience. When people stand there and sing along we feel like we feel understood and they feel understood. Performing in  different parts of the country is a kind of unity that will never disappear.
Our very first campus show in GD Goenka, Delhi will always be a special one to us, as we experienced how it feels to perform in front of thousands. We always watched videos of artist performing on stages with an army of fans to witness their music and we always dreamed for the same to take place in our lives.So when it happened for real for the first time we got to play, it was the beginning of our dreams where it all started. This particular gig is really close to our hearts.

What are your plans for the future?
Our future plans is all about new music and music videos. Every time we want to break the record of our last release. With every release it’s going to get bigger and better

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