Band Pick—The Vinyl Records

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February 14, 2017
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February 14, 2017

Band Pick—The Vinyl Records

sbcltr caught up with the all-girls rock band to talk about their music process

Can you tell us about the evolution of the band that has come to be known as The Vinyl Records and give our readers a brief history of your band and why the name The Vinyl Records?

The Vinyl Records because the sound and the style and the bands that we like belongs to the era when vinyls were used. So for us vinyls represent the 60s 70s and to some extent the 80s.
Four girls who love music (Cheyyrian Bark, lead vocalist, Banu Jini, guitarist, Minam Tekseng, bassist and Mithy Tatak, drummer),touring the world independently and not thinking about what the society would stigmatise them as. They disregard the boundaries of the four walls that are often allotted to women and are The Vinyl Records.
Apologies, but can u please wiki the history. Thanks.

What are the elements that go into the song writing structures of the band sound and what do you consider as absolute essential elements of your music?

We listen to the same bands and different bands as well individually. When we come together, we would like to believe that we bring forth the ideas that we have inculcated, in our own personal way. And this way I guess, we are our own elements.

If you could gather any musicians or musical groups to collaborate with, whom would that be?

Ramones, CSS, there is this new band called the Lemon Twigs, Adriano Cintra and Bikini kill.

What bands/ artists have been an inspiration for the Vinyl Records on and off stage, what goes in to planning your set on stage?

CSS, Sahara Hot Nights, The Donas, The WHO, Kathleen Hanna, Sonic Youth

What was your most memorable gig? Any particular venue or show that is memorable and you would love to hit repeat mode on it? Why??

Of course playing at the Red bull music Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. We had the opportunity to meet the band Sahara Hotnights and perform with the vocalist Maria Anderson.

What are your thoughts on Punk music scene in India? Does being an all-girls band make it difficult in a country that is highly patriarchal?

Punk music scene in India is alive and is being fed healthily by platform like control alt delete where new bands get their chance to speak their music. The punk scene needs more support by popular festivals.

We feel Difficulty in terms of safety usually.

What is the message behind you latest track, Authority?

Bring equality and stop with the women stereotyping.

What in your life outside of your music drives you in a creative sense?

Art— like the works of photographers and painters. Day to day life incidences. Articles.

You guys have created a niche for yourself, be it the music you play, the videos you make or the spunk with which you perform on stage. What do you have to say about that?

Be a friend to what you love, nurture it, have fun and adventure with it.

Any words to fans, listeners, promoters, venues, politicians, anyone out there?

Support The Vinyl Records and many more other musicians. Respect Music.

When can we hear about your new album or EP and any upcoming gigs?

Our album launch show is on the 17th of Feb. Listen it here:



The Vinyl records will also be playing at The Garden rush on 24 Feb, 2017

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