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BAND PICK: Moon Roots Project

sbcltr spoke to Hannan and Fatema Hakim on the release of their upcoming three song EP, Esin

Moon Roots Project was first started in 2014 by siblings, Hannan Hakim and Fatema Hakim, as an experimental project based on their love of sound. The fact they’re constantly evolving in their personal tastes reflects in their dogged re-work of already produced, add their own indelible irreverence to each. Their sound oscillates between Techno and Trance, depending on the time of the day. In their short career as musicians, they’ve already made a mark, having released music on labels such as Under Noize from El Salvador and Puff Recordings from India.

They have closed venues after artists such as Pig & Dan, as well as opened for upcoming techno sensations such as, Matador, Konstantin (Giegling), Lee Foss, Rick Maia and Blot. Their latest EP has just been released independently on Bandcamp.

How did it all start for the Moon Roots Project? 
Hannan: Around 2011 at a pub called Swig in Pune was doing these ‘Friday Night Bounce’ underground gigs with artists that would literally slam the 50 odd cramped up on the floor. Fatema and I wouldn’t miss a single one and absolutely loved the groovy music and grungy vibe. The parties were just an excuse to dance and make layered rhythms in our minds while we heard some of the best musicians perform. The likes of Ash Roy & Vacchan Chinappa would mesmerize us with music that was absolutely alien to us back then. 
Fatema: We randomly landed up at an apartment at FTII where we encountered a tall, handsome, long-haired professor called Monaal who agreed to teach us both the magic of electronic music. As you can imagine, we both jumped for it and started learning, as days went by and months moved on we got better and better with our music and hence Moon Roots Project was born. It wasn’t long before Bhishma, an old friend picked them up under his cutting edge musical agency Regenerate.
It was an absolute storm since we started, we had some really great experiences, both good & bad. Musically we grew so fast that within 8 months since we began we had our first EP launch on one of Latin Americas infamous labels, Under Noize records. 
How does being siblings and growing up together help you in creating music? 

Fatema: Being siblings helps, we are brutally honest with each other and as you can imagine we are in total sync – we lived under the same roof for 21 years, until recently when Hannan got married and moved. Hannan is someone who loves dark music and sounds, whereas I like to balance him out with some light-hearted melodies. We find the balance,which in my mind is ‘key’.

The sounds in your new EP are a mix of techno, deep house and trance. Is there a particular genre you identify with? Where does this EP fit in the current soundscape? 

Hanan: We love to experiment with different genres and most importantly, evolve our own understanding of sound. We love sounds from techno, deep house & trance hence we do our best to keep trying out new sounds and styles. The current EP is a mix of Deep House & Melodic Techno. Acid synths, Grungy bass lines along with Fatema’s melodic genius that led to 20 minutes of groovy deep tracks.

As the EP progresses, the tracks go from minimal energy to high energy with an alomost demonic feel to it. What was on your mind while working through this project? 

Hanan & Fatima: It’s a balance, the flow of energy and melodic progression in each of the tracks can be so easily distinguished. We always sit with a clear mind when we write our music, the balance as we explained earlier comes from our distinct yet in sync personalities.

We would love to know the story behind the names of the songs. 
The tracks are named after three dear friends.
Esin Yılmazbilek
Farhan Shaikh (farf)
Serena Bonomi

Esin is now available on Bandcamp. You can also follow Moon Roots project here
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