From learning to ride on a hand-made bicycle, to becoming the four time Nepalese National Champion, 21-year-old, Rajesh Magar aka RJ Ripper is one of the fastest mountain bikers in South Asia. The son of a construction worker and a household helper, Magar’s love for biking started when he was a child, but for his parents a bicycle seemed like a luxury. In order to realise his dream of owning a bicycle, Magar took on odd jobs after school and saved up for months, eventually collecting enough money to buy a second hand bike from a friend. His mother however felt that Magar was spending too much time biking and sold it off to a scrap dealer so that he focus on studying instead. Undeterred, he then built himself a bicycle using a GI pipe, which is usually used for household plumbing and an old scooter spring. Now a  documentary—RJ Ripper, by Joey Schusler pieces together this remarkable story of passion. Watch it below.

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