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Ah, summers! Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny the charm of them. After all, they are the perfect time to kick back and relax as you find yourself bang in the center of another year. All of us tend to get a bit carried away in sunshine and while we may find ourselves complaining a tad too much about it at times, there is always music to help you get by. Check out our monthly playlist to keep you grooving.

Tune In. Tune Out

You&Me: Dualist Inquiry and Sanchal Malahar
This collaboration between Sahaj Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry and vocalist Sanchal Malahar is everything a pop anthem ought to be—a vibrant piece of work with a happy music video. An easy listen with a chill vibe, let it be your summer anthem.

Oceans Apart: Sutej Singh
Singh recently released his album The Emerging and while we recommend the whole album, the biggest takeaway for us has been the song Oceans Apart. The dramatic piece is obviously influenced by guitar heavy compositions, such as those of Dream Theater and John Petrucci. Singh deserves an encore for that alone, it takes sincere effort to revive this genre in a post-rock world. And oh, did we till you that the whole album is instrumental.

Dancing With Strangers: Hybrid Protokol
Kolkata based Hybrid Protokol aka Aneesh Basu and Soumajit Ghosh, released the third track of their Sounds In Place Vol 1 EP via Nrtya and it is their best so far. Inspired by the sense of camaraderie infused through music between strangers on the dance floor, it is a track packed with many musical transitions that blend in seamlessly from grunge to harmony.

New Religion: Tre Ess 
The latest track by the Ranchi based rapper has is an ensemble of 8 different artists—Tre Ess, Tienas, Cizzy, Jay Killa, Gravity, Kav-E, Nihal Shetty and the Accountant. The end product is a rap anthem which is dark and multilingual. It plays with different genres of hip hop, beats and flow, perhaps the most ambitious rap project to emerge from India to date.

Rolling the Groove: Dee En
The recently released Whoopsie Daisy, a collaboration between Ashrey Goel (keyboardist), Saurav Debnath(synths) and Aditya Kapoor (guitar) is a moody psychedelic EP that is good to listen to on a warm summer day when you’re feeling a wave of nostalgia. Our recommendation is track number 3 titled Rolling the Groove. Check it out below.

Class-Sikh Maut Vol. IIPrabh Deep x Seedhe Maut x Sez on the Beat
We know that it’s been a while since this release, but it still makes it to our list. What’s not to love about Delhi’s three best rappers come together to deliver some thought provoking commentary on life and a no can do attitude. Check out the video below.

Garnet Eye: Calico
The story goes that Anuraag Gawhale of Bombay Bandook was looking for a new sound and formed Calico. The alternative indie band comprises Ivan Imkong (vocals/guitar), Anuraag Gawhale (guitar), Yohaan Pissulenker (bass) and Sashwat Karkare (drums). Without wasting much time, the band is already out with its first single, Garnet Eye, its on our list for its groovy guitaring and vocals.

If there is one new fusion band that you should be listening to right now, it has to be Pakshee. This New Delhi based six piece band effortlessly blends Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical and rock music together, most uncommon indeed. Check out their new song below. 


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