Artificial Intelligence was recently trained to make nude art, the results of the experiment are bizarre but also kind of beautiful, writes Pratikshit Chatterji

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) is well underway, whether we admit it or not. From Will Smith’s very awkward date with Sophia, to existential memes and the disturbing fake porn, a neural network is now creating its own interpretation of nude art. Yes, you read that right. The brain child of Robbie Barrat, the same self-taught expert that taught AI to rap has now developed a neural network to make nude art.

To start, Barrat used Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and fed it thousands of nude portraits from across centuries before asking it to make its own. The results of which are creepy but also beautiful. “Usually the machine just paints people as blobs of flesh with tendrils and limbs randomly growing out – I think it’s really surreal,” Barrat wrote on Twitter. “I wonder if that’s how machines see us…”

Check out some of the art below.


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