Jason Barnes says that music offers him the same release that drugs do to other people. When he lost his arm in a freak electrical accident, Barnes pretty much thought that his life was over, especially as a musician. He tried various prosthetic limbs, but they didn’t help much, then Gil Weinberg, a researcher from the Georgia Institute Technology stepped in. Today, thanks to his prosthetic limb, Barnes can play beats four times faster than a normal human being. In a way, being bionic sure has its charms. Watch his journey below through a video filmed by Freethink.

Meet the World's First Bionic Drummer

This rock musician lost his arm to an electrical transformer. Now he’s become the world’s first bionic drummer. It’s not science fiction – it’s Superhuman. Follow the show to see all new episodes from the frontlines of medical innovation.

Gepostet von Freethink am Dienstag, 17. April 2018




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