Srishti Bhardwaj, met up with a few women living in Delhi to talk about how they feel navigating their personal space through the capital

Five years ago, around this time, Delhi witnessed one of its most gruesome acts of violence—the Nirbhaya gang rape. The incident was followed by protests, outrage and demands for justice. For a while, it seemed that India would finally wake up to the atrocities against women and things would finally change. But as time passed, things tempered down and eventually people moved on, albeit with a few amendments, to the law and society (in terms of more women officers and greater gender sensitisation). In order to understand how much has really changed for women in the capital, photographer Srishti Bhardwaj, met up with a few women, from across classes and spoke to them about navigating their personal space in public places. This is what she found out.

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