Srishti Bhardwaj photographs empty staircases across New Delhi as she feels they reflect her state of mind

Delhi is a bustling metropolis, home to over 21 million people. Photographer Srishti Bhardwaj, who has been in the city for a while now says, the city has everything except her heart. Her work often takes her across the NCR (National Capital Region) and as she navigates her way through the city, she finds herself drawn to the stairs she encounters in public spaces. “I look at them and reflect on the many stories that they witness every day, amidst clutter and mess. But at night, they take on a different shape and I find them comforting. They remind me of myself, for I experience life but I also always have a sense of aloofness. In that sense, they are comforting to me.” Through this project, the photographer examines her relationship with herself, “They (empty stair-cases) help me meet myself, my conscience and my fears.”

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