sbcltr speaks to an artist confronting the calamity of pollution in Delhi through superheroes

Thirty-eight-year-old Rajkamal Aich is a New Delhi based artist and graphic designer who moved to the city thirteen years ago. Born in Kolkata to an artist father, Samir Aich, his was always an artistic life, although he did experiment with mediums, from pencil, to painting, to even clay ink. No matter what the medium, the artist in him remains the same, he says. The idea of expression too remains the same. It was only when he moved to Delhi, did his career really take off and he credits the city for giving him his space. His work has been featured on multiple websites and books across the world, but his most iconic piece of art has been his Indian superhero series, that shows the legendary characters in desi avatars. Taking cue from the pollution levels in Delhi, which have only worsened since his time here, his new series is a clever insight that raises awareness on the subject. “It’s unbreathable, particularly today. So the idea behind this is to show that even superheroes need masks to breathe this air and it is a situation that is dangerous for everyone and should be treated as such,” he signs off.








You can follow him here: Raj

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