Artist Alli Kirkham’s comic illustrations¬†highlight sexual consent issues through everyday situations that are easier for everyone to understand

The recent verdict on the Mahmood Farooqui case has highlighted the fact that sexual consent has unfortunately become one of the most controversial areas of discussions when it comes to talking about sexual violence and rape. Modern day sexual offenders often tend to transgress boundaries stating that the terms of consent were unclear or misjudged. In order to combat these relatively flimsy excuses for not understanding ‘No’,¬†artist Alli Kirkham found a creative and instructive way to clear the question up with a series of 7 comics, illustrating smart allegories of sexual consent issues. Through everyday situations, the artist makes easier for people to understand when, why and how consent can wrongly be taken for granted.

You are staying until it’s done

You said I could have it once

You said you liked it

You said you wanted it

You are my wife and it’s your duty

You owe me

You are asking for it

Still don’t get it? Watch this video

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