sbcltr recommends the alternative rock band for their new song, Kabhi Milenge

Sifar has been quite popular in the Hindi rock genre since it first hit the scene in 2008 and over the years the band has established solid ground through hits such as Mita DoKala AasmanShaitan and Yehi Zindagi Hai. Their vocal heavy, alt-rock sound has ensured they have a loyal fan following which has labelled them a “watershed” band routinely.

Now in the news again for their new song, Kabhi Milenge, which they recently released on Songdew, the band took time to catch up with sbcltr.

How would you classify yourself as a band?
: I think it is just Alternative rock. We do have some industrial rock elements at times. At other times, we go completely Pop rock. I guess the only consistent element in terms of genre is Rock since these are all just minor variations within this broader genre.
: Alternative Rock with a heavy influence of Industrial Rock elements.

Your sound is reminiscent of the early days of vernacular rock—the time when Pakistani bands like Junoon, Jal, Strings, first broke out on the scene with Hindi rock. Did that era of music have some influence on you?
: To some degree, sure. I think we were more influenced by 80s and 90s rock music actually but we do love Junoon and would consider ourselves influenced by them to some degree.

Where do you see the indie music scene heading in India?
: I, honestly, have no idea of where the indie music scene is heading. There’s more music releasing now than ever before so I guess role of curators is becoming more and more important.
: There’s room for every type of music in Indie music but currently only cover artists are dominating.

Despite being guitar heavy compositions your songs are still easy on the ears…do you have a full-time sound engineer who works on mastering your recordings?
: Our band comprises of several guys who are into music production of various genres, so there’s always input feeding in from the guys though Amit is the guy who handles and spearheads the mixing and mastering.

Who is the lyricist amongst you?
: Most of the songs are written by me. There a few written by Anshul. Our song-writing process is pretty straight-forward: We just wait for the moment till we feel like we have something to say, and then just say it, write it as honestly as we can. I think that’s pretty much it!

We’ve heard some of your Bollywood covers. Tell us a bit more about them. What made you choose the songs that you did?
: The idea of playing cover songs has always excited us, and at the same time, scared us to bits. We were excited because there are lot of songs which we love as a group collectively but they aren’t the conventional songs which most bands cover. They are songs that not many people have heard, and hence, wouldn’t serve the purpose of having these covers in our set list. We always felt that people would think that they’re one of our original songs. So we started searching for songs people have heard and more importantly, the ones that didn’t make us cringe when we played them. So after a lot of discussions, we decided on Gazab ka hai Din and Khud Ko Kya Samajhti Hai because we felt we could transform these songs into a sound and style that was uniquely our own.

All our cover songs are extremely fun, for us to play as well as for the college crowd. In a 2 hour set, we play only 3 covers, which by comparison to other bands is a small number. We are proud of our original compositions and we want to be known for them, not for our covers really.

Who have been your biggest music influences?
: Everyone in the band has different influences. For me, it’s Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and many others.
Deepak: I admire bands like Foo fighters, Rush, Nine Inch Nails, Mr Big, Soundgarden, Megadeth etc.

Who would you like to collaborate with as musicians?
Collaborations can be hard man. You wanna collaborate with people, if at all you wanna collaborate, that you know for real. But practicality aside, I wouldn’t say no to working with Trent Reznor or Dave Grohl.
Deepak: I think we are quite rigid and stuck up when it comes to collaborations. We like to do things our way mostly and also because the Indian bands that we admire are like completely different. (Avial)
When it comes to abroad, well, we’ll take anyone, let’s do something with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins  and Trent Reznor. We are game for that!

Any advice for young artists?
Sachin: Learn to play, fine tune your art, be sure of what you really like and then start performing.
Deepak: I think the cliched things which people say, are true for a reason. They are important and defines you and give results.

  • practice your art
  • give it time and persevere
  • this is a long term game, and not a short term goal to achieve popularity
  • be honest, be brutal with yourself, and don’t give into the pretentiousness

Sifar comprises of Amit Yadav (songwriting,vocals,guitars, production);Deepak Singh (Drums); Sachin Mittra (Guitars); Sumit Hajare (Bass); Anshul Bansal (Songwriting) and Akshay Agarwal (Guitars)





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