Lessons from Japanese artist Izumi Miyazaki

No camera angle magic, no flawless porcelain-like skin, and not even a hint of a smile – the selfies that Izumi Miyazaki takes often shows her looking unflatteringly solemn or completely emotionless. It’s clear that her rise to internet fame wasn’t the result of crafting a facade of beauty and perfection like the typical female internet celebrity. Instead, her devoted online following and a feature in TIME magazine are the results of the absurdly and delightfully surreal self-portraits that she regularly uploads. Born in 1994, the Musashino Art University graduate uses Photoshop to expand on and exaggerate the possibilities of reality, creating a quirky and outlandish world of black humor where she touches on the heavy subjects of death, loneliness, and identity. “The tomato sauce coming out of my decapitated head represent my feelings towards mortality,” Miyazaki explains of the above image. “The imagery is meant to present a positive attitude towards death. It’s the same with the photo of my head being cut in half with a fish, I wanted to share my feelings in a comical way.”

Scroll down to check out some more of Miyazaki’s self-portraits.

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