The exhibition was the result of a competition that had submissions from all over the world, writes Neha Pant

“Trumpism,” was a cartoon contest recently held in Iran where participants from across the world were invited to submit art work satirising Donald Trump . The logo for the cartoon was inspired by the Nazi emblem and had a diagonal T in a circled center against a red background.

Organiser Masoud Shojai Tabatabaei told Associated Press that the ‘ism’ in “Trumpism’ stood for racism and Nazism, saying that, “many believe his remarks are similar to Hitler. He has had a bad attitude toward media, refugees.”

While violence and the wall were how many interpreted “Trumpism,” the first prize of $1500 went to Hadi Asadi from Iran for his artwork which showed Trump drooling while dressed in a jacket made of dollars. “I wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” said the artist, also stating that he wanted to highlight the, “money-mindedness and war mongering nature.”

Cartoonist Hadi Asadi after winning first prize (Photo by AFP)

This is not the first time Iran has held such a contest, the same organisers held a Holocaust cartoon  contest last year in order to throw light on “western double standards on free speech and not to cast doubts on the Nazi genocide.”

The current “Trumpism” exhibition opened yesterday and will last one whole week. It  includes the works of some 1,614 Iranian and foreign participants from 74 countries.

Here’s a virtual tour of the exhibition.


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