Rohini Kejriwal captures the essence of the open-air exhibition in Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh

Last month, the woods between Bir and Billing, Himachal Pradesh were converted into a makeshift art gallery IN THE WOODS from June 3-11, 2017. Frank Schlichtmann, the man behind the project and curator for the show, put together a thoughtfully handpicked selection of artists—the earthen sculptures of Mudita Bhandari, vibrant photographs by young and upcoming photographer Ratika Singh, detailed etchings and watercolours by Neha Lavingia, coupled with a soundscape within the forest produced by Nikhil Narendra composed of found sounds from the village of Gunehar.

With sbcltr as the media partner and Rohini Kejriwal on ground to document the open-air exhibition for the E-Book project, here’s a photo-story to capture the essence of the exhibition for those who missed it. 



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