They will attempt to tell the history of civilisation, politics and entertainment through the story of bread

One of our favourite art duos, Thukral & Tagra, are showcasing at the 11th edition of Art Dubai, courtesy the Mumbai based art gallery Chatterjee & Lal. Thukral and Tagra, are best known for their ability to blur lines between fine art and popular culture, while throwing light on consumerism and its impact on South Asia.  At Art Dubai, they will be showcasing their project, Bread, Circuses & You, where they will try and tell the story and politics of the world via grain (bread) The project title comes from, ‘panem et circuses’, which is a direct reference to the two Roman practices of exerting politics and power—providing free wheat and hosting spectacular games.  According to them, “in 2017, the site of entertainment may not be the circus, but there remain higher authorities curating bloated orgies of entertainment at regular intervals. Bread and Circuses is conceived as a response.”

Bread and Circuses an interactive board game

Bread and Circuses an interactive board game

Last year, in an equally charming project, the duo attempted to create an emotional map of cities by mixing memories and colours. An interactive project, Memoir Bar, around 400 visitors in Mumbai at Chatterjee & Lal, wrote a memory on a piece of paper, ticked the emotions they felt at the memory (love, sadness, happiness, fear, excitement, anger.) Then they shredded the piece of paper while helpers helped code their emotion into colour, which they used to mix along with the shredded memory into cement to make a tile. The tile was tagged with the visitors name and left to dry. The completed work went into a grid, and eventually there was a vast grid bearing emotional signatures of hundreds of participants. It is no wonder that we are excited about, Bread and Circuses, we expect it to be an equally enriching experience.

A memory tile

A memory tile at Memoir Bar

In case you happen to be in Dubai, hop into the Madinat Jumeirah and check out the spectacular show. Other Indian artists participating are Mithu Sen and Chittrovanu Mazumdar.

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