Watch this hyper cool music video in which burqa clad women roller blade, drive bump cars, all the while singing about resistance

Women in Saudi Arabia might not be able to do many things like drive, wear clothes that they like or make important decisions pertaining to their life, but that doesn’t mean that they are accustomed to patriarchy. In a video clip that has gone viral, you can see niqab wearing women with colourful clothes underneath, busting some kickass moves—from bumping cars, to playing basketball, to being generally silly, distorting the passive myth that is widely associated with them globally.

The video which is an inspiration from a 2014 video is shot for a contemporary rendition of a popular folk song called Hwages, which loosely translates into obsessions. The lyrics for which is all about resistance and subversive. May men disappear, they give us psychological illnesses / None of them are sane, each one has an illness.

The director Majed Alesa subtly weaves irony into the song which makes it a must watch.

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