Redditors superimpose Donald Trump’s face on Calvin and place text inspired by the Republican presidential candidate bringing a hilarious twist to the popular Calvin and Hobbes comic strip

It all started when a Redditor uploaded a Calvin and Hobbes strip, replacing Calvin’s head with that of Donald Trump. The result was a disturbingly yet perfect match for something one would expect Trump to say. From the post, the subreddit “Donald and Hobbes” was born. In it, users upload strips (particularly those in which Calvin is ignorant, power-hungry and money-obsessed) that they’ve altered to include Trump instead of Calvin. However, there is a ground rule which states “the strip you paste Trump’s head over has to contain dialogue that Trump might actually say. You can edit dialogue so Calvin’s name is missing or certain words (perhaps too intelligent for Donald) are gone. But just putting Trump’s head on Calvin acting like a kid is missing the point. Have fun and try not to think worse of Calvin. He’s only six. Trump’s going on 7 and still hasn’t grown up.”

Scroll down to see some of sbcltr’s top picks and try not to laugh, we dare you.


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