An Afghan graffiti artist is boldly taking to the streets with a spray can and hope for a peaceful future.

Meet Shamsia Hassani, a young feminist graffiti artist whose work challenges preconceptions about the role of women in Afghan society and expresses a unique perspective on life in a country recovering from decades of war.

While graffiti artists work under the cover of darkness around the world, Hassani cannot go out at night, and bombings rule out the early mornings. Some of the deserted locations perfect for street art are believed to be riddled with mines.

Street art is not illegal and Hassani has never had a run-in with the police. But the abuse from members of the public who condemn her art as “un-Islamic” because she is a woman, means she only has 15 minutes to complete a work before moving on.

The Creator’s Project  had a chat with her about identifying and working as an artist in Afghanistan, why condemning the burqa isn’t the answer, and how art can bring about cultural and social change for the nation of Afghanistan.


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