Shankar Vedantam’s podcast Hidden Brain for NPR aims to “help curious people understand the world—and themselves.

These are the types of questions that social scientists tackle every day, trying to tease apart the complex and sometimes unexpected reasons humans do what they do. In 2005, journalist Shankar Vedantam reported a story for The Washington Post in which he explored unconscious bias and the social scientists working to understand it through implicit association tests. He became so fascinated by the influence of the unconscious mind on human behavior that he decided to dive further into the topic in a book called The Hidden Brain.

Vedantam then joined NPR as a science correspondent in 2011, and his radio reports on human behavior and social science quickly gained a loyal following, aptly called Hidden Brain. Plus, Vedantam has an incredibly engaging voice that’s also very easy to listen to, which counts for a lot on a long car ride. In this particular episode, Vedantam talks to popular comedian Aziz Ansari and discuss Modern Romance and the changing state of love in the digital age.

Listen to the podcast here:

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