This 16-year-old artist is making fun of everyday life in brutal illustrations that tell the truth about the dark side of humanity

Melbourne based Celeste Mountjoy aka Filthy Ratbag posts her illustrations on Instagram that often mock modern society and popular culture. A quick glance at her page and you will know that it’s hard not to fall in love with her dark wit. Often humorous, she takes on contemporary life and turns it into intellectual satire that is eerily relatable of the times we live in. But what’s really amazing, besides the spot on insights Mountjoy throws our way, is the fact that she is only 16-years-old. Her cynical sophistication will make you feel uncomfortable as well as a little inadequate as an adult, but first it will make you think. Her art taps into global issues—Donald Trump, feminism, mental illness and social media vanity, these are all there. But what really stands out in all of this is her ability to bring out laughter amidst some of humanity’s darkest reflections. Have a look at some of her work below.


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